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cloudWhat is Cloud Computing?

As defined by Dictionary.com, it is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

Businesses nowadays are turning into cloud for a more flexible and cost-efficient solution for their data storage and processing needs. Aside from saving businesses a lot of money, it is also saving businesses a lot of times since services are deployed rapidly. Needed services are ready to use in a matter of hours and minutes compared to the months and days that it would take when done traditionally. With cloud computing, businesses can access their data, files and documents anywhere at any time. So even if one is not in the office and work computer is not accessible, work can still be done. No problem!

Surely there are a lot of advantages with Cloud Computing. But are there also disadvantages? Is Cloud Computing a mixed blessing?

There are two sides to everything, and it’s no different with this technology. Businesses should be fully aware of these cons before signing on. It is true that data and information can be accessed anytime from anywhere but it is also expected that there will be times that the system can have issues. It is a fact that this technology is not immune to outages and technical issues even with thorough maintenance. Security can also be a concern. Remember that you are putting your data in the internet making it vulnerable for exposure especially when it is hacked.

As always, it is very important to understand the risks involved in taking on any technology.


Yes, Green!

Think Green. Sounds familiar?


So all of us might have already heard of programs here and there inspiring and urging people to be extra mindful and concerned with the environment. Why not, right? After all, this is our world. We live in it.

Malls and department stores are now promoting the use of paper bags in place of plastic bags. Bills are now sent via electronic mails. Eco-friendly cars, electronics and other products are now a thing. I must say, I highly commend the people who are behind these kinds of programs. It is true that we are a little behind in this fight against environment destruction but it is definitely also never too late to start. With all hands in, I am confident that we can prevent any further devastation.

Little things go a long way. With small baby steps, I believe us in the IT sector can make an impact or reduce our impact in the environment by keeping in mind these few reminders;

  • Print responsibly. We should all print and copy as little as possible.
  • Utilize email to minimize paper use.
  • Turn off our laptops, computers, printers and other electronic gadgets when not in use.
  • Enable power management features on our computers.
  • Dispose our electronic wastes properly.
  • Reuse and recycle things that are still usable.

Modern technology has changed the world massively but at the same time impacting the Earth in the process. Drastic weather changes, frequent earthquakes, too much heat, etc. We are all experiencing this because we did not give back enough of what we took from our environment. We should be responsible and sensitive. We should save what we still can because we don’t inherit the world from our ancestors, we borrow it from our kids and the future generation.


IT – A great career choice?

career-planning-clipart-43.pngEntering college during that time when Nursing and Accounting are the most in demand professions was tough. When people learned that I was taking an IT-related course, they automatically thought it was a poor decision. They all said things that made me question myself if I was on the right track. They flat out told me that there is no future in my chosen field. That I will just end up working as an internet café attendant. All that and more.

Fortunately, contrary to what most people in my hometown believed, there is a bright future in IT! IT professionals are needed literally everywhere. Be it in education, communication, healthcare, manufacturing or retail industries, IT professionals are present!


In this day and age, it is no secret that Information Technology is one of the best paid industries. Professionals in this field are paid a more decent salary compared to others. The more qualifications an IT professional has, the more they will earn and can find a permanent position in either the public or private sector.

In February 2017, Jobstreet.com released a Salary Report which revealed the highest paying jobs for various levels in the Philippines and once again, IT sector proved to be the highest paid both in supervisory and junior executive positions.

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for supervisors (5 to 10 years job experience) are:

1. IT-related -P68,723
2. Actuarial science/Statistics -P65,741
3. Law/legal -P48,014
4. Journalist/Editor -P40,704
5. Banking/Financial -P39,857
6. Arts/Creative/Graphic design -P37,379
7. Quality control/Assurance -P37,242
8. Training and development -P36,443
9. Quality surveying -P36,203
10. Advertising/Media planning -P35,791

The top 10 highest-paying jobs/industries for junior executives (1-5 years job experience) are:

1. IT-related -P37,034
2. Law/legal -P29,430
3. Training and development -P27,253
4. Banking/Financial -P27,188
5. Actuarial science/Statistics -P27,064
6. Public relations/Communications -P26,948
7. Healthcare-P26,655
8. Journalist/Editor -P26,542
9. Customer service -P24,755
10. Advertising/Media planning -P24,314

Ladies and gentlemen, numbers don’t lie. 🙂

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ICT, A Force to be Reckoned With

ict-040_tcm100-866801Last week, we were educated on what ICT is about and what its role in the global community. We were also shown how ICT has impacted businesses, education, economy and even the environment. I mean, of course, this is not new to us. I believe all of us have already heard the word (acronym?) since it was first brought to life but I bet only a few has really put a thought on how big of a deal it was…at least at first. Surely, we learned that there is more to ICT than smartphones, messengers and laptops. As the Generation Z would put it and based on the image above, ICT is life!

On a tremendous scale, ICT has changed the world. It entered the Earth’s surface, exploded like a bomb and bang, everything has never been the same again! It did not only paved the way to an improved and more efficient communication and information sharing but it also totally redefined if not elevated each individual’s way of living.

The force is indeed strong with this one and a force like this is certainly not to be taken for granted.