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ICT, A Force to be Reckoned With

ict-040_tcm100-866801Last week, we were educated on what ICT is about and what its role in the global community. We were also shown how ICT has impacted businesses, education, economy and even the environment. I mean, of course, this is not new to us. I believe all of us have already heard the word (acronym?) since it was first brought to life but I bet only a few has really put a thought on how big of a deal it was…at least at first. Surely, we learned that there is more to ICT than smartphones, messengers and laptops. As the Generation Z would put it and based on the image above, ICT is life!

On a tremendous scale, ICT has changed the world. It entered the Earth’s surface, exploded like a bomb and bang, everything has never been the same again! It did not only paved the way to an improved and more efficient communication and information sharing but it also totally redefined if not elevated each individual’s way of living.

The force is indeed strong with this one and a force like this is certainly not to be taken for granted.